The 11 Best Free Video Game Apps for iOS

Every day, more and more games are added to Apple’s App Store. With such a vast amount of games available, it can be hard to determine which you should play. Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are the absolute best game apps for your iPhone. All of them are free, though some feature in-game purchases.

Angry Birds Journey

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Angry Birds has evolved quite a bit over the years. Angry Birds Journey is undoubtedly the series’ pinnacle. In the game, players travel the world in search of Egg Wonders (egg-shaped artifacts). The goal is to attain these objects before the Piggies (the villains of Angry Birds) get their hands on them. Each level comes with a plethora of awards for players to unlock.

Marvel Future Revolution

For an iOS game, Marvel Future Revolution is aesthetically stunning. It’s a story-driven game that allows players to take on the roles of their favorite heroes. Its intricacies are a testament to the power of the iOS device. While it’s not yet as advanced as something like the Nintendo Switch, there is so much potential for the iPhone to be a stellar gaming device. Marvel Future Revolution proves that.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

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League of Legends: Wild Rift manages to replicate the League experience on a mobile platform. This gives diehard fans (and there are plenty of those) a chance to play the game on the go. Its roster of legends is vast and ever-growing. And for newcomers, it provides an easy-to-understand tutorial that will have you quickly immersed in the immense world of League of Legends.


Tetris, originally released in 1984, has managed to remain relevant for nearly four decades. And for good reason. The simplistic puzzle game is as addictive as it is mentally stimulating. With this iOS version, it has never looked better. Sure, you will have to intermittently watch a few ads to play it, but this is a small price to pay to experience such a classic game on the go.

New York Times Crossword

The classic newspaper crossword is now accessible on your iPhone. Famous for being difficult (and rewarding), this puzzle will seriously stretch your brain. While the app itself is free, a New York Times subscription will grant players access to an archive of  over 10,000 crosswords and 2,000 mini-crosswords.

Apex Legends Mobile

Source: Wikipedia

You’ve probably seen Apex Legends ads on YouTube and wondered what the hype was about. Well, for those who want to finally delve into the addicting world of Apex, a mobile version of the game has finally been released. This free-to-play battle royale shooter allows players to take the role of one of 19 pre-designed “legends”, all of whom come with a set of unique abilities. The twist is that the battlefield shrinks over time, forcing players to come into increasingly close contact with one another. As the game nears its end, the action is nonstop. 

Pokemon Go

Source: Wikipedia

Pokemon Go was and still is a cultural phenomenon. It gives us the opportunity to live out our dreams of becoming a Pokemon master—and even encourages community exploration. Using satellite map data and your phone’s camera, the game allows you to catch 3D renderings of Pokemon in the real world (see photo). Almost every Pokemon can be caught in Pokemon Go, including legendaries.

Madden NFL 23 

Oftentimes, the intricacies of sports games don’t translate to mobile. However, Madden is one of the few that gets it right. There’s enough crossover content between the main game and this mobile version to satisfy even diehard fans. It even features modes unique to mobile. 

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty is one of the most revered first-person shooter series of all time. It has ruled console sales charts for nearly two decades. Finally, the game can be played on your iPhone. Game mechanics here are not too different from those of the console version, so fans should have no trouble adapting. With consistent content updates and plenty of unlockables, players have plenty of motivation to fulfill their calls of duty.

Among Us

Source: Wikipedia

Built by just three people in 2018, remote multiplayer game Among Us became a sleeper hit during the Covid-19 pandemic. Set on a spaceship, the game assigns players one of two roles; most are Crewmates, but a small number are Imposters. The Crewmates’ goal is to identify and vote out Imposters. The Imposters’ role is to sabotage the Crewmates’ mission by either killing them or triggering a disaster that they cannot resolve before the game is over.

Mario Kart Tour

We should consider ourselves lucky to live on a timeline where we can play Mario Kart for free on our iPhones. While this mobile version isn’t an exact translation of the stellar console game Mario Kart 8, it maintains all of its counterpart’s charm, humor, and of course, fun. Nintendo is on top of app updates, consistently adding new courses and events to keep you on the track forever.



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