Our Most Anticipated Games of 2023

2023 is going to be a huge year for video games. With the upcoming releases of highly anticipated sequels, remakes, and originals, gamers have a lot to be excited for. Here’s our list of the 2023 games we’re most looking forward to.

Final Fantasy XVI (Summer 2023)

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Based on Final Fantasy XVI’s trailer, the game looks like it will take a much darker tone than its predecessor. Plot-wise, it is quite relevant to the real-world. It takes place in a region called Valisthea, where a disease called the Blight is spreading rapidly. Developer Square Enix has hinted that the game will take inspiration from Final Fantasy XV’s battle system, while utilizing a more linear style of gameplay reminiscent of the classic Final Fantasy X.

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth (Winter 2023)

FFVII: Rebirth is the second part in a trilogy of remakes of 1997’s classic Final Fantasy VII. It will likely be full of surprises, even for people who’ve played the original. This is because the first game in the remake trilogy—simply titled Final Fantasy VII Remake—didn’t exactly follow every plot detail from the original. We are excited to see what updates developer Square Enix gives the game. We, of course, have our fingers crossed for rideable chocobos. 

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (Spring, 2023)

The fact that Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is being developed by Batman: Arkham developer Rocksteady Studios is enough to make us excited for its release. However, with this game, the tables are turned; instead of playing as the hero Batman, you’ll be playing as one of four members of the villainous Suicide Squad. (Your options for playable characters Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and King Shark.)

A particularly cool feature of Suicide Squad: KTJL is its co-op mode, which allows you and your friends to create chaos in Metropolis together.

Resident Evil 4 (March 24, 2023)

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Another remake, 2023’s Resident Evil 4 will retell the 2005 original’s compelling story. Of course, there will be improvements to make it more palatable for modern audiences. To start, the graphics look impeccable. Capcom has stressed that the 2023 version will be more of a retelling than a remake; this means that there may be some changes made to the plot of the original. However, we expect this game to be of equal quality to the rest of Resident Evil series. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 (2023)

Sony has been secretive about the release date of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. And beyond this, not many details are yet known about the game. However, if it’s anywhere close to being as good as its predecessor, we know it’ll be a quality game. Here’s what we do know based on trailers: the game will feature both Peter Parker and Miles Morales’s versions of Spider-Man. Enemies will include Kraven the Hunter, Venom, and possibly the Lizard. 

Diablo IV (2023)

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Diablo IV has been anticipated since its announcement in 2019. In 2023, we will finally see its release. The game’s website describes, “With ceaseless demons to slaughter, countless abilities to master, nightmarish dungeons, and legendary loot, this vast, open world brings the promise of adventure and devastation.” Some critics have called Diablo 3the worst game in the series. As a result, fans are unsure what to expect from this upcoming fourth entry. However, we are choosing to remain optimistic. 

Starfield (First Half of 2023)

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The first IP by Bethesda in over 25 years, Starfield has obviously garnered high expectations. Bethesda is most famous for producing the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series. And Starfield is looking to be the company’s most ambitious project yet. Heavily influenced by science fiction, the game will borrow aspects from Bethesda’s other hits. However, there will be prominent first-person shooter and space exploration aspects as well. 

The game was supposed to be released in 2022 but was pushed back a year. This was to give developers time to ensure that the game meets the highest standard of quality. Starfield appears to be massive, and we can’t wait to fall down its rabbit hole.

Street Fighter 6 (2023)

If you’re a fan of fighting games, you’ve most likely played the Street Fighter series. Alongside Tekken and Soul Calibur, Street Fighter is the pinnacle of the fighting genre. While this latest installment is certainly not going to completely break away from the series’ conventions, there is an abundance of new features. This includes a “real-time commentary” option, which will feature famous voices from the worldwide fighting game community.

Dead Island 2 (February 3, 2022)

Dead Island 2 has been in development for nearly a decade. Fans of the original were beginning to speculate that the sequel would never be released. However, an official release date has finally been confirmed, and fans are celebrating.

In this zombie-filled adventure, you’ll be tasked with battling the undead alongside a small group of immune humans. Your options for weapons include firearms, katanas, and glass bottles. Zombie games may be a dime a dozen these days, but we are expecting Dead Island 2 to truly bring something new to the genre.



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