Word Hunt is a free word game. Words might very well be the fundamental building blocks of language as we know it. There are all kinds of words and their meanings, spellings, and definitions are a tangled web of logic and coincidence that stretch back from the end of this sentence to the very first time primitive man uttered ‘ugg’ at the site of a fire. As justified and as ancient as words are they can also be a puzzle. Words in and of themselves can be an abstract game that involves stacking, patterns, and an understanding of their context within a matrix of words. In Word Hunt, your job is to find the words listed to the right of the game screen and do it as fast as possible. The screen will be filled with an assembly of letters and somewhere hidden in those letters are the words that you seek. Finding them as fast as possible is the true test of a player but there is no shame in taking your time. This is a game of chance and a game of skill. It will stretch your vocabulary and it will push the boundaries of knowledge itself.


On your desktop computer please use your mouse to click on and highlight the hidden words in the scramble of words before you.

CONTENT RATING: All Ages (more info)
RELEASE DATE: 20 Jan 2022
19,591 PLAYS
DEVELOPER: Shockwave