Real City Driver is a free racing game. Put the pedal to the metal and feel the engine rumble its way to victory. You are a rip, roaring, race-car drier in this sandbox-style racing game where your only opponent is yourself. In this game, you’ll be figuring yourself through a city-sized maze where you can customize your car and take it for a spin up platinum ramps and through neon tubes. In real city driver, the race track has been augmented with floating spheres and ramps that you’ll be trying to rush through as you wind your way around the track. You’ll need to get a nice long-running start if you want to make it through the hoops in this game. This racing game also allows you to customize what type of car you’re driving along with the color and other cool options. You can truly become the driver of your dreams as you tear up the city during the day or during the night. Switch camera mode to go firsst-person or get a cool cinematic view. Real City Drive is all race and no finish lines, just a city that never ends with random jumps for you to pull off stunts. Crash up your car and watch the battle damage build-up but never slow you down.


W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys: Move forward, turn left, turn right, or reverse. Space bar: Handbrake C: Change View 1,2: Toggle cars.

RELEASE DATE: 22 Oct 2020
62,996 PLAYS