Poker Solitaire is a free card game. This is the ultimate synthesis of your two favorite card games. Poker and Solitaire are classic games that have entertained generations of players for hundreds of years. People love Poker for the drafting and tableau building that is inherent in its mechanics. Other players enjoy the game for the sheer thrill of bluffing and seeing through your opponent’s bluff. Now, take all of the drama of Poker and mix it with the strategy and puzzle of solitaire. VOILA! You have Poker Solitaire. A game in which players can have all of the card counting fun of Poker with all of the puzzling of solitaire. In this game, you eliminate cards not by ordering them by suit, value, or reverse value, but rather by combining them to create poker hands. Each hand that you play is worth a certain amount of points. You score more points by going for more complex hands than a simple two pairs but in doing so you run the risk of defeating yourself or deflating your score by constantly having to discard cards. It is also a great way to learn and remember poker hands and the odds of cards being dealt. So, whether you’re a poker player or a solitaire person this is a game that you will love.


On your mobile or desktop device please use your mouse to point and click or your finger to tap. You are trying to eliminate your piles of cards by creating hands with the available cards.

RELEASE DATE: 30 Dec 2021
9,161 PLAYS
DEVELOPER: Monish Vyas